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    problems in their everyday business activities

    Alpha Code is creating a society that understands the role
    and importance of information technology in business activities.

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Alpha Code Solutions is a modern dynamic software company.

We deliver custom software and mobile solutions, run software testing, provide project & product management, system integrations and IT consulting in an interesting and modern way, taking into account the specificities of the user and the company.

Our Services

Business procedure analysis

Let us analyze your daily business procedures and find an optimal solution to digitalize your company. This way you will be able to be more productive, save time on generic daily operations, link your crucial sectors and track/report your key business activities.

IT Strategy consulting

Nowadays companies need to ensure a consistent delivery of high-quality products and services for your company’s workflow and your customers. Its also very crucial to implement new technologies to stay competitive in today’s market and meet the demands of modern users. Our consultants will help you out to make a balance between your high quality/service and the usage of latest IT technologies to be more competitive.

Existing software improvement

If you’re facing difficulties and challenges with an existing solution, hire a team of engineers to guide you how to improve your desktop/web/mobile software. We will provide suggestions for the required changes, new developments and integration of third-party solutions to remove existing errors and problems.

Custom Software Development

We will support your business infrastructure with a smart and modern software that improves key aspects of your business, from automation to daily operations. Our team of highly skilled employees will build a software solution that solves a particular problem or issue that your company is facing or improve your existing operations by using information technologies.

Software integration

Most of the companies nowadays rely on a coordinatedbusiness information system and on third party applications. Improve your software solution with a reliable API, data integration and software link or coordination. You will be able to continue your daily operations easier while using two different connected software solutions.

Software Modernization

Many clients face a problem of using outdated applications which often cause errors in daily operations or spending a lot of time fixing them which leaves you less time concentrating on your key activities. Our team of experts will perform a technical analysis of our existing solution and improve it with the latest tools and technologies. This solution will boost your productivity while leaving your employees satisfied.

App development

We will transfer your workflow to a platform that supports the devices that your company uses wether its android/IOS/Web/Desktop. These kind of applications that allow your business to track, report and implement business activities via your phone will put your business on a next level.

System integration

In today's market its very important to have a live transfer of data across your business information systems in your company. We will integrate all your information systems togetherin order to transfer real-live data 24/7 so you can have a realistic report of your operations all the time.

Full stack Web Development

All companies work hard to make the best first impression. Our team of Web developers will make sure that we implement all your ideas on a computer screen. Blending innovative concepts and latest technologies can make your product or service available to milions of people online.